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Gari Gari Circle Scratcher Interior Super Big

Circular Shaped Scratching Bed = Perfect for Curling Up & Relaxing!
Our circular model, crouching type of scratching bed gives a feeling of protection, allowing your cat to completely curl up, and totally relax. The scratching material on the inside is firm on the bottom (horizontal grain) and soft on the side (vertical grain). Includes a treat of “Matatabi” catnip.








Gari Gari Circle Scratcher Interior Super Big
Color Tea Brown
Dull Brown
Mill Beige
Materials Paper, cardboard
Country of origin China (Planned and designed in Japan)
Dimension approx. 500×500×165(mm)
Weight approx. 1,850g
JAN code Tea Brown 4540013511682
Dull Brown 4540013511699
Mill Beige 4540013511675
Prices ¥4,200+tax

【Genuine products accompanied by the authenticated manufacturing label】

This product comes with the authenticated manufacturing label (hologram seal) on one of the assembly parts to guarantee its authenticity. The labels are printed with manufacturer's serial number. When inquiring about the products you purchased, please refer to this number.

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