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Dog & Cat Grass Seeds / soil

For pets, like humans, the key to good health is a “green” diet. Our Green Labo brand develops products,
such as pet grass, that will help your dogs and cats stay healthy.


Using these seeds and cultivation soil, you can grow your own edible pet grass for dogs and cats at home, allowing your pets to enjoy it fresh everyday.

Dog & Cat Grass Seeds / soil
Materials 【Plant seeds for dog’s & cat’s favorite】Oat
【Culture soil for dog’s & cat’s favorite plant】Vermiculite, peat moss and perlite
Country of origin 【Plant seeds for dogs’ & cats’ favorite】The U.S. and others.
Expiration 【Plant seeds for dog’s & cat’s favorite】2years
Quantity 【Plant seeds for dog’s & cat’s favorite】200g
【Culture soil for dog’s & cat’s favorite plant】3L
JAN code 【Plant seeds for dog’s & cat’s favorite】4540013200029
【Culture soil for dog’s & cat’s favorite plant】4540013200036

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