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nyancoroby Circle

Hooked on the rolling balls, your cats get all five senses stimulated with this toy with a scratching board

This ball toy with a scratching board was developed in pursuit of the ultimate fun for your cats only.

Cats will chase and pounce the rolling balls in a circuit. The balls are in three vivid colors that cats can tell apart. The red and blue ones have a bell inside ringing in motion, while the green ball has catnip inside giving out cats’ favorite smell. On the top of the toy is covered with scratching material. Through actions of CHASING, WATCHING, LISTENING, SNIFFING and TOUCHING, the playing stimulates all five senses of cats.

Offering a stylish addition to daily life, nyancoroby Circle comes in natural and cute designs

as Interior Styles for you and your cats




nyancoroby Circle
Materials Main unit/ Cardboard, Paper, Ball/ ABS, PP(bell), Catnip
Attachment Comes with three activity balls:
Country of origin China (Planned and designed in Japan)
Dimension approx. 340×340×55(mm)
JAN code 4540013511743
Prices Discretionary price

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Offering a stylish addition to daily life
Interior Styles for you and your cats

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