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Gari Gari Wall interior mini

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Wall-type Scratcher as a means of intellectual training; establish a good scratching habit in a kitten

This against-wall scratcher stand is specially designed for the best relaxation of your beloved cats. They can stretch up and scratch at the same time; its structure allows less scattering of the nail shavings; and inside surfaces of the stand are all lined with cardboard as scratching material allowing cats to sharpen their claws whichever direction they may face.  Offering a stylish addition to daily life of you and your cats, Gari Gari Wall comes in wood tone tea colors.






Gari Gari baby is designed to help better intellectual training and growing of kittens by stimulating their instincts. With an early start as kittens in developing the habit of scratching with Gari Gari baby, you can prevent them from using wallpapers and furniture for scratching. We put kittens’ feelings and needs first in developing the product, incorporating the most comfortable designs an sizes for them to scratch in to come up with this baby-friendly specifications. NOTE: Effects may vary with individual differences.





\ NEW !! /

Gari Gari Wall interior mini
Color Tea Brown
Materials Paper, cardboard
Country of origin China (Planned and designed in Japan)
Dimension approx. 280×260×550(mm)
JAN code 4540013511798
Prices ¥2,400+tax

【Genuine products accompanied by the authenticated manufacturing label】

This product comes with the authenticated manufacturing label (hologram seal) on one of the assembly parts to guarantee its authenticity. The labels are printed with manufacturer's serial number. When inquiring about the products you purchased, please refer to this number.

NOTE: The specifications and designs etc. are subject to change for improvements and other reasons without notice. Also, the colors in the package photos and those of actual products may vary slightly.
*Gari Gari ® is a registered trademark of our company. Registry number: 5736809

Offering a stylish addition to daily life
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Gari Gari ® is a registered trademark of our company. Registry number: 5736809

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