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Gari Gari Pole Scratcher

A pole-shaped scratcher that your cat can use while standing up.The pole is split into 2 parts, meaning that you can switch them around or easily replace them when they start to get worn down. Comes with a treat of “Matatabi” catnip.







Gari Gari Pole Scratcher
Color Main unit/ Paper, ABS resin, Steal
Scratching part/ cardboard
Country of origin China (Planned and designed in Japan)
Dimension approx. 400×400×760(mm)
Weight approx. 3,430g
JAN code Main unit 4540013503786
Refill 4540013503793
Prices Discretionary price

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Gari Gari ® is a registered trademark of our company. Registry number: 5736809

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