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Cat Cardboard Box

Our Catboard Boxes are a fun range of cardboard boxes for cats. Each box comes with a scratching surface that you can put on the bottom, allowing your cat to have fun scratching, diving around or just having a quiet nap. There are 3 types of nostalgic Japanese retro designs to choose from, plus each box comes with 2 fun stickers.

Cat Cardboard Box
Materials Paper, cardboard
Attachment cardboard box, scratching board, warning stickers (2), paper sheet
Country of origin Japan
Dimension approx. 370×250×160(mm)when assembled
JAN code 【Tangerine Box】4540013503700
【Soy Sauce Box】4540013503717
【House Movers Box】4540013503724

Offering a stylish addition to daily life
Interior Styles for you and your cats

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