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Heartful Design Cat Dish

Our Cat-friendly dishes have been developed so that your cat can eat without feeling any stress. A key feature is its wide shape, which means that your cat’s whiskers do not touch the sides of the bowl, maximizing comfort. The bottom also has grooves, making it easier for the cat to lap up dried food with its tongue. (Individual bowls may vary slightly)






Heartful Design Cat Dish
Materials Melamine resin, Synthetic rubber
Country of origin China (Planned and designed in Japan)
Dimension 【SS】approx. 135×110×35 (mm) (Capacity: approx. 100ml)
【S】approx. 185×145×45 (mm) (Capacity: approx. 300ml)
Weight 【SS】approx. 85g
【S】approx. 180g
JAN code 【SS Ivory】4540013502734
【S Ivory】4540013502741
Prices Discretionary price

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